Digital Marketing: 7 Trends for 2016

2016 Digital Marketing 7 Trends

Digital Marketing has grown in importance in recent decades to almost all types of businesses. Digital is no longer the future is the present and therefore adapts to all the features of today’s world.
If you have any kind of online business you cannot miss this article prepared for you on 7 Digital Marketing trends are already being felt , and will continue to show up in 2016 .

The 7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016:

1 – Content Marketing
Although it has been one of the 2015 outbreaks , the Content Marketing will continue to mark 2016. The content is increasingly important to create engagement and strengthen relationships with our target audience. It is often through the content that we managed to score , show expertise and win the trust of our audience. The content is often posted on social networks , but are blogs that have gained ground in 2016. Blogs are an asset to show the knowledge of your company being great allies of content marketing , plus do not require large financial burden .
92 % of companies that produce content itself increase the number of customers per day through the blog .
2016 Digital Marketing 7 Trends
2 – Privacy
Privacy is a trend that has been observed over the very evolution of social networks. Security is one of the major concerns of users and the digital world is fully aware of it. All social networks (especially Facebook ) have adapted to this trend and opt for less invasive and more customizable in order to meet the requirements of an ever more informed and concerned about their safety.
3 – Permission Marketing
Permission marketing is the trend directly related to privacy. Today, the consumer values when you have the power of choice . Basically, the consumer wants to be able to have the option to see or not see the content you want to show . To fit this trend , keep well visible the opt-out options.
2016 Digital Marketing 7 Trends
4 – Remarketing
The automation of strategies remarketing and retargeting has the great trend of Digital Marketing in 2016. In other words , the fact that the remarketing use search engine cookies to track the websites that your target visit after his research is what It makes it so appealing . Thus, the information is ” passed ” depending on the user’s taste which greatly increases the conversion rate .
5 – Sponsored Links
The battle between Facebook and Google is not new and continues to be talked about in 2016. This year will count both on Google Adwords as the Facebook Ads as strong trends as relates to sponsored links.
2016 Digital Marketing 7 Trends
In 2016 combines the strategy of Facebook Ads to Google Adwords.
6. Diversification of Channels
A great bet for 2016 is to diversify channels. Your company is already on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ? Invest in Snapchat , Vimeo and Pinterest. Be where your audience is and show that your company is aware of the latest trends to multiply the channels where brand presence .
7 Customizing Real-Time
In 2016 consumers want to feel that brands are made to your needs . Nobody wants to read messages to think it’s the same for everyone. So try to go further. Today no longer just respond to messages from consumers , have to anticipate your needs and respond to them even before it is requested. It is with this personalization strategy that can strengthen ties with consumers and make them valuable ambassadors of your brand.


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