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It is common that has requested by the LPG customers of top providers i.e. like Bharat Gas, Indane,  & HP Gas. As discussed earlier that the DBTL PAHALor the LPG Subsidy Scheme allows the LPG customers to get their subsidy amount directly to their connected bank account. If you have not got it still, there are several possible reasons. In this article, I described many such problems faced by the LPG consumers and various reasons & helping you to reduce all that comes in the form of Subsidy Transfer or any of such schemes.
Reasons for not getting LPG Subsidy Yet?
Let us start with the fundamentals. To receive the subsidy price transferred, customers must have applied favorably for the Subsidy Scheme that has named as “DBTL-PAHAL.”  If you have not applied yet, Apply for the LPG subsidy Scheme right now.
In case, if you have successfully implemented & still have not got the subsidy for the HP,  Indane, or Bharat Gas agents of the LPG connection, you are encouraged to check the current status of the Subsidy scheme. After checking suppose your status is clear but not getting subsidy amount then you can raise the complaint and can submit to the customer care services of the LPG connections.

Possible Causes & Description of the NonReceipt of LPG Subsidy:

1. Cylinder Delivered but Subsidy Not Received
Once the cylinder has delivered from the LPG connection, it takes approximately 2 -3 days to transfer the subsidy amount. If you got the cylinder in the last 2 or 3 days, you are notified to wait for 1 – 2 days more. After that, customers can check if a subsidy cost has transferred or not.
Note: In fact you have waited for many days and yet the subsidy is not given, you want to record the complaint at the DBTL Complaint Cell. It can also done by calling for toll-free number 18002333555. Based upon the prevailing situation, the agents will solve the issue either at once or will return back to you on the Registered phone number.
2. If there has the failed Transaction
There might be situations when you find out that effort to send the subsidy cost to the bank account has made, but it did not receive transferred due to the transaction failure. Then what you want to do:
Visit the bank branch with the Aadhaar Card Number. Allow the bank officials understand about the issue & they will come up with the solution.
3. Subsidy amount Transferred But Not got into the Bank Account
In fact, the subsidy has transferred, & there is no problem of transaction failure, & still you did not receive the subsidy for whatever the reasons, here is about what you can do:
Visit your branch bank holding the account to find out the problem or else connect your Aadhaar Card to any other bank account.
4. Cylinder has Booked, But Advance of LPG subsidy Not Received
Based upon the date of Launch of “DBTL Scheme”  in your District, typically 2 or 3 days time has taken advance to be transferred to the bank, after booking of the first cylinder. You are recommended to wait for at least four days.
Note: In fact the advance is not got after that time. Also, you want to make a phone call to toll-free number 18002333555 & record your complaint. The customer representatives would take care of the circumstance. Any updates have sent to the registered phone number.

L.P.G Complaint-Consumer Complaint procedure in online

Visit the official website
Fill up with the complaint Registration application. Hit submit button
Step1:  Visit the official website Then the home page has displayed. Fill up the details & Write the complaint.
Step2:  Select the Nature of Complaint like clearly mention all the details like location, place, city, name, consumer no. etc. and Hit submit button.
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Are you suffering from another issue in getting the Subsidy Amount or if the facing any problem related to the LPG connection? Kindly allow LPG agents to know by writing the comment below.


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