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Like it or not , Facebook is the largest social network continues to grow. If you have a business or brand, have a page on this social network is an excellent idea . The statistics speak for themselves and , if you already have a page already realized the importance and dimension that it can get.
Having a Facebook page is a good way to get new people to see and keep in touch with your brand . But how that can lead to your site , the real showcase of your company?
Know about Facebook presence for my business


At the same time to guide your website visitors to Facebook’s relatively easy (something we will explain below), bring people from Facebook to your website requires more ingenuity. Guaranteed is that some users will naturally look for a link on your Facebook page, but the vast majority will be satisfied only with the click “like” on your page before returning to their duties. What you need to achieve this goal is to entice people to visit your site.
The first step is to ensure that the address of your site is on your Facebook page, right below the description. This may seem strange, but since we found businesses that have a website that do not advertise. Because? I could not understand. Perhaps because they have forgotten to add this important component of your brand. Another way to make even more visible address is to write it in your cover picture. It will not appear as a link, but it is also a good way to tell people: “Hello, I have a website, go there to see.”
The second step is to link to your site in each status update. If you have a blog, make sure you share your articles with fans to publish them manually or else automatically on your Facebook page. People will not always comment but often will click to see where the link leads. In our case, Facebook is in the third place of the podium in terms of traffic source.
If you have in hand a business that sells products and services with stable Amount prices, could go further and use promotions to bring people back to your site, publishing rules and details there and inviting Facebook users to visit the site for more information. Everyone loves a good concession and will be more than to share their promotion if they find it interesting, resulting not only in new fans and consumers, as well as an increase of visits to your site. Everyone wins.


Guide your website visitors to Facebook is the easy part ; instead of doing the opposite , requires only a passive strategy , once implemented , it requires little or no effort .
The owner of a business or freelancers usually integrate Facebook on your site for two reasons: they want their visitors to become new fans on Facebook, and / or claim that Facebook users share the articles, products or promotions to their friends.
The simplest way to get visitors to converge on your Facebook page is to add a visible link to this . Usually you will find this type of link in the header, sidebar or footer of the site . There are thousands of available icons sets tassel , just by doing a little research on Google.
If you want something more aggressive , Facebook also offers that Like- Box is made to stay in the sidebar of a site . About the visit will be able to ” like” your page , see your feed publications and who liked them before . It can be a little intrusive , but we have to admit that it is an effective tool .
Finally , you can also promote your website on Facebook to invite users to share their site ‘s pages in their profiles , so that all friends to see and share too. The well-known like button , which in turn , can take many forms is an incentive for Facebook users that automatically recognize . This page shows how to integrate the Like button on your site .


The most important when you want to bring users to your site to Facebook or this to your site ‘s visibility ; make sure that your links , buttons or banners are always visible and accessible . If your plan is to make users look for these links , you’ll quickly find that they will not bother to look for hidden links.
Easy , accessible , obvious ; these are the three key words that will help create a strong link between your website and your Facebook page .


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