Adobe Experience Design: Learn about the new Adobe UX tool

In last March , Adobe introduced the first version of its new UX tool called Experience Design CC or simply Adobe XD . The novelty, formerly with Project Comet is the company’s first product built for UX designers and promises to make life easier for these professionals.

According to Adobe, the Experience Design allows designers to make prototyping and test quickly and can switch between wireframe, design, prototype and preview, always with the ease of use of the company’s tools suite.

With the tool , users can develop apps and more attractive to users sites . See the video presentation of the Adobe Experience Design :

Facility for testing and teamwork

The release comes with design layout tools and a prototyping mode to set interactions and transitions , display mode for testing in real time, and the possibility of sharing between team members can access from any location or device .

Adobe’s UX tool makes life easier for many designers

Adobe Experience Design: Learn about the new Adobe UX tool

The new features of Adobe UX tool

Adobe Experience Design is not yet complete, but already allows some features that will make your life easier, in addition to the advantages already mentioned. Here are a few:
Full integration with Photoshop and IllustratorWith the software you simply copy and paste Photoshop files, and Illustrator that he understands the content.

Recording videos and walkthroughs

In addition to creating prototypes, Adobe XD (Experience Design) also allows the recording of videos in .mov while exploring its prototype, serving for documentation or even disclosure.
interface cleanAdobe XD has a very organized and clean interface, especially in comparison with other prototype software.

Want to test Adobe Experience Design?

You can test the current version of the new software, just download it from the Adobe website. For the moment the test is free, but is only available for users of Mac OS X.


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