8 Web Design Trends of 2016

Check out the resources, techniques and themes that are high in creation industry for web. To close the year, it is always good to remember which marked the creation of web market and what should be in 2016. To refresh your memory, we’ve listed some things that were in alternate that can become trends.

Trends in Web Design list

The multiplatform approach to sites was one of the highlights. With the popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs to create products that work on the largest possible number of platforms it has become something essential. Technologies like HTML5 and some new techniques also helped make possible the web platform design. To begin, it is important to be inside the responsive methods and adaptation of websites and apps for multiple screens , besides knowing resolutions and display sizes. This goes for any developer and web designer who wants to create digital products ready for any environment.
Also with respect to mobile platforms, choose to touch approaches during the site creation process is a big difference today. Remember that in addition to mobile phones and tablets to laptop and monitors with touch features hit the market and can further popularize the future. One more reason for you to take into account events and navigation touch when designing a page. Here also comes the issue of mobile-first, which can be a good choice for sites optimized for the type devices. A true modern website needs to follow this movement and support interfaces that allow an easy experience to a touch of fingers.
3-Flat Design
Perhaps the most talked visual trend of the year, the flat took account Windows, iOS, Google and numerous sites across the network and applications in virtual stores. The style of plateaus and strong colors, simplified icons without many details and approach that favors the interface functionality burst and should continue in the wave of visual styles for web and mobile. Of course, like everything “comes fashionable” in the world of web design you need to enjoy the flat in moderation. No one wants to sites with a quick expiration date. Enjoy it while it is time to abuse this combination of art.
4-Developing for Windows Phone
The idea here is not to apologize to the creation for the mobile platform from Microsoft. The fact is that at the end of 2013 Windows Phone showed optimism for the first time since it was launched. The operating system was able to conquer the European market and surpassed iOS in Italy. It seems that the good numbers of Nokia’s sales helped lift the WP. A projection of Strategy Analytics Developer Survey pointed out that in 2014 the number of Windows Phone devs should double. This means that with a good slice platform user, you need to give attention to apps that have not yet reached the Windows market. The only increase opportunities for developers in this regard.

5- Horizontal scrolling and Parallax
Special effects have formed a new trend in web design. It was great to see all the power of parallax and how the horizontal scroll can be functional for some projects. The most important to observe these operating resources was learning to use them in support of navigation and user interaction. These and any other type of creative intervention is always welcome, and these, in particular, come with everything next year.
6-functional sites and single page
Pages that act as true applications or applications that function as sites. This has been a successful trend to favor functional and cross-platform sites. Choose this path means to highlight the important content and present it in a simple and intuitive way. The year 2013 was awarded with some good examples of this point that exploit HTML5 capability, jQuery, CSS and other modern features. It is a trend that meets the most practical and will be there.

7-Full screen and videos in the background
With a full screen image to the background and an image or message center and the center, the type full screen layouts work to further engage the visitor. There are examples that bring navigation in multi-page or single page websites. Usually favor projects whose strong point images in high resolution and in some cases are based on technologies such as jQuery to fit on the screen. Portfolios to hot sites events or TV shows, the full screen is definitely on the rise.
8-Typography on the scene
For a long time the springs were in a kind of limbo for the creators of sites. Today, typography gained prominence especially with some advances, such as CSS3 and web fonts service. This also applies to mobile devices that require special care on the sources to deliver a good experience on small screens. In terms of styles, the most clean can make the user become the mobile content. On the web, depending on the project, even more worked sources are being explored.


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