5 WordPress plugins to attract more traffic to your blog

Today traffic is one of the most important goals to blogging level, not only by the direct benefits it brings in terms of visitors, page views and everything else, but for the sake of profitability and increased revenues blog. There is much talk about making money on the internet but often forget small details that are merely automatic controls that help us to obtain more reliable and concrete results with regard to the volume of traffic and consequent monetization blog. Today I bring you 5 plugins for your WordPress blog, which promise to help you directly and indirectly to achieve improve traffic to your blog:

5 WordPress plugins to attract more traffic to your blog

1. Similar Post Plugin:
Usually a new visitor has a great desire to consume content when it comes to your blog. Imagine newcomers to WordPress, they want to know precisely all that is related to this fantastic blogging platform.
The purpose of this plugin is to present articles related to what the reader is seeing within the article itself, so that its action is more efficient and create need the reader to go and see more pages and other items. The relationship between the items is done through the tags and titles you choose for your articles.

2. Random Post Plugin:
Unlike what happens with the plugin previously mentioned, this is just random. It features articles not related to what the player is reading at that time. The great advantage of using this type of plugins, is that the user starts to discover things that probably did not imagine to find out if they were related to their reading.
If perchance your blog has immense quality items lost in the archives, equates this plugin to give them a little more life and media exposure.
3. Ajax Comment Posting:
This plugin has already been mentioned above. It allows the user to submit a comment without leaving the page or refresh the page you are viewing at the same time includes a recognition system not preencidos or improperly filled fields. This plugin makes your blog user-friendly, which makes your reader has more desire to participate and read new articles.
A blog with a large number of reviews is also a way to improve traffic and converting that traffic into new readers and subscribers.

4. Smart Archives:
This is surely one of the best organization plugins files currently on the market. He places each page with link and helps you to catalog your files more efficiently, and help you build a link building quality. This plugin is a great alternative to Clean Archives Reloaded. Duly organized files are a way to attract the reader to seek and search for other interesting content and that can meet your current needs.
5. Post Match Search Query Plugin:
This plugin is extremely useful to all readers landing parachute on your blog, coming from search engines like Google, helping them to find content that matches the keyword search. This plugin helps you to find content related keywords and correspondence to the research made by him in the search engines. It is important to properly catalog your articles with tags and quality titles.
All these plugins can help you directly and indirectly to increase the volume of traffic to your blog. Try them individually or all at once, and analyze the results in periods of 30 days.


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