5 reasons to invest in a responsive website

We are providing the information about five Reasons for a responsive website full details, already know that the Internet plays a vital role in our lifes and we can no longer live without it. Having an assiduous and quality web presence is critical to any IT company and one must be prepared for the future.
One of the best reason is Google recommends responsive design and the same time bounce rate also low in responsive Website, one responsive website is able to adapt to multiple screen sizes or resolutions(colours) . That is, all pages are correctly displayed both in your phone or tablet display, such as the desktop or the laptop. This design is particularly relevant in the world of Information Technology , since 60% of the online traffic comes from mobile devices , according to Business Insider .
Responsive website is visible in Various Screen resolution, So if 60 % of those in India mobile phone use , you must be careful not only the emergence of new dispositions , but also to the new rules of research. As happened recently , Google’s algorithm change has to penalize non-optimized websites down its position in the ranking of search results. Your website can quickly move from 1 result last .
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Why bet on a responsive website? We are providing a few reasons :
Better browsing experience for the users: If the website appears mangled on the smart phone or tablet , the user simply closes the window and quits . In these situations, the likelihood of the user to search a website of a competitor is too great.
Google Recommends : The optimized websites have VIP pass to the top of the results. Those who are simply not responsive s are left behind . Also, have a unique URL makes it easier for Google to trace your website and SEO also greatly improves .
Comfort & an Amazing user experience : Your website will be within reach of the user accessing the desktop computer, laptop , smart phone and / or tablet. In any of these devices , your website will be perfectly suited .
 Targeting the Mobile audience: The consistency of the image of your company is important and to build a responsive website , will be guaranteed that you will see your website in the same way , regardless of the screen.
 Waiting time reduction: Adjusted different proportions , you will not have to wait eons for the display of your website when you access from your smart phone , for example. Will load faster and will cause Internet users do not get bored to wait !
Having a responsive website is rule and an investment for the future. By the time new devices appear on the market and are being used for web browsing, your website will remain visible on any screen , since it was designed based on it and not on the device that is being used .


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