5 free plugins and devastating to integrate social networks into your site

5 free plugins and devastating to integrate social networks into your site

WordPress Developer is one that dominates WordPress and are able to create their own solutions from it. This concept has been very well explored by Kodame, a company which is part of our colleague William Mazetto, an expert in WordPress. The Kodame has launched more than a single course, the fantastic WordPress Developer training. The training is aimed at all who wish to learn in practice how to use WordPress on their professional development, is for you to build your own projects, either to work in development agencies. This course, extremely full, give you a very full luggage on the development with WordPress. Master the WordPress development techniques, become a WordPress Developer. Discover the possibilities of integrating the CMS offers and how to take best advantage of its features. See advanced programming techniques for Themes and Plugins. Create robust and secure projects with the implementation of various APIs, classes, and system functions.

What can I learn in the course?

WordPress is a fundamentally developed in PHP system. Similarly, to develop resources it requires knowledge of the language. WordPress developer is a specialization intended for PHP developers, so if you do not know how to program in PHP this course is certainly not for you. Some of the things you can learn during the course include:
Understanding WordPress – A new perspective on the operation of the system. Study your resources, file structure and code integration models.
Themes Development – Learn to develop advanced WordPress Themes. New proposal for the functions.php file. fully customized Child Themes and Themes.
Plugins creation – Customizable Plugins creation. Tips, techniques and strategies for developing quality resources, easily reusable and compatible with WordPress and its different themes.
Plugin API – complete approach to programming based on Hooks. codes to adapt to different situations and managing own triggers.
Custom Post Types and Taxonomies – Different treatment for different content. Information organization, strategic thinking on the project structure. Custom Fields for taxonomies.
Users and their capabilities – Application of a complex system of access levels and permissions to users. Different groups of users, control activities and management actions performed.
Security – How to shield a website with WordPress. Tricks to avoid attacks, validate data, conceal and / or mask important information.
Database – Actions directly in the database. Creating and managing own tables. Using wpdb class.
Loop and custom queries – queries content with WP_Query, query_posts, get_posts and other models. Applying filters, multiple queries and custom requests.
API’s classes and functions – Operation of Widget API’s, Shortcode, Settings, Embed, Transients, Cron, Rewrite, HTTP, Options, Metadata and presentation of their classes and functions.
Along with the course, which will be on video lessons, texts, manuals, etc., you will still get some exclusive bonuses that you can see more below.
Click here to access the WordPress Developer course page and secure your place !
Bonus offered with the course
Among some of the offers that WordPress Developer course will , you can still learn , as a bonus , the following:
Learn how to work with XML -RPC – Working with remotely WordPress , access via external systems.
Drop -ins and recommended Plugins – Concepts and examples of these different types of plugins . the File Header API application.
Personalisation Themes – Themes customization through the API ‘s Theme Modification and Theme Customization .
WordPress Editor – New applications for the WordPress content editor . differentiated use of Quicktags .
Vacancies for this WordPress Developer course are limited , so take this opportunity and fantastic bonuses to leverage faster your knowledge with developing the system.
Click here to access the WordPress Developer course page and secure your place !
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If you really want to learn more about developing with WordPress , this course is a real hand-in- wheel for developers who want to learn to use the system in a really effective way . Click one of the links above and enjoy this opportunity !


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