25 SEO Terms to Know All We should

Top 25 seo Terms & Rules

25 SEO Terms to Know All We should: If you do not have much knowledge of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, this post is for you. Once our SEO course is available at our website, you can learn much more about the matter, but in the post today I decided to make a short list of SEO terms you should know so you can more easily implement the necessary strategies to improve the position of your site in Google.

25 SEO Terms You Must Know

1. SEO
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is an English word that means optimising for search engines. Practically, SEO is a set of strategies that make a website appear in the search results for one or more keywords.

2. On-page SEO
All SEO strategies carried out on the site itself, or “page”. These include the structure of the site loading speed, titles, descriptions, content, URL structure, among many others. We will address some of these strategies in more detail not only throughout this post as well as the content that we have prepared for you.

3. Off-page SEO
All SEO strategies carried out “off-site”. One of the main strategies of off-page SEO is to create links or link building, as it is a very important factor in the search engine algorithm.

4. Keyword
A keyword or keyword is simply a phrase or search term used by users of search engines.

5. Links and Backlinks
A link can be both inbound and outbound, and a link is simply a link between pages. If page A has a link to page B, it is said that page B has a link or backlink of A. This applies both pages of the same site or others.

6. Inbound Link
An inbound link is a link or connection in which the source and destination page are on the same site.

7. Outbound Link
An outbound link is a link or link from one site to another site with a different domain.

8. Anchor-Text
The anchor-text, also known as text-anchor is the text link or connection. For example, if I have a word “Google” with a link to http://www.google.com the anchor-text is “Google.”

9. Link Building
The process of building links to your site. This process can be organic if other sites do a volunteer link to your site, or non-organic, where the website owner draws a strategy to increase the number of links to your site. Generating quality links is very important, one of the most important factors to position your website on the first Google search pages.

10. In follow-Link
I have introduced the concept of the link, and as mentioned earlier, links are a very important part of the algorithm of the vast majority of online search engines, especially engines like Google or Bing. A link in the follow does not pass link value, and the search engine algorithm starts to ignore this link for positioning purposes.

11. Do follow Link
Unlike in-follows, these links pass value and search engines like Google use this link to their positioning calculations. By default, links are do-follow.

12. Social Signals
Quanta shares a site, video, image, blog articles on social networks comes to acquire a social signal. Not just a number and a proof of interaction with the content for your target audience. The QuickSprout conducted an experiment and came across a site placement increased to 15%, but it remains a topic of much debate.

13. PageRank or PR
The PageRank is a metric developed by Google for many years that allowed us to see, on a scale of 0-10, which authority the world’s leading search engine gave a page. This value was updated on a regular basis but failed to do since 2013, thus losing its importance.

14. Domain Authority (the Moz)
When professional SEO speak of DA or Domain Authority are to refer you metric developed by Moz (one of the largest software for SEO), you want to evaluate the site’s authority as a whole by a number of features both “in page “and” off-site “.

15. Page Authority (the Moz)
Page Authority or PA is another metric developed by Moz and assesses the quality and authority of a website page instead of the site as a whole, such as AD. Both the PA are like a scale of 1-100.

16. Trust Flow (by Majestic)
The TF or Trust Flow is a metric developed by another SEO Freelancer in Hyderabad or SEO Company, the Majestic. The TF aims to assess the quality of links pointing to a particular site, page, or URL. A high TF means that, according to the Majestic, the site has a lot of quality links.

17. Citation Flow (by Majestic)
The CF or Citation Flow, also developed by Majestic, an assessment based on a number of links pointing to a website.

18. Click-Through Rate (CTR)
The CTR is a ratio widely used in digital marketing and is calculated by dividing the number of people who click on a link on the number of views that this same link was. Usually, a high CTR means that the title and description of the site displayed on search engines generate much interest from users.

19. META Title
Depending on the website builder or CMS you use, the title of an article or page automatically the META Title as well. It is important to set your META Title so that search engines know the main topic of the content on your site.

20. META Description
It is essentially a description of the page to the site that is placed beneath the title and URL of a page in search engine search results.

21. META Keywords
Codification of keywords in Meta Data has lost importance, and confessed that Google does not use it as a positioning signal of the site, however, remains a topic often debated.

22. ALT Tags
They are very important for optimising images. All your images should include the ALT tag that is related to the content of the image.

23. Geo Tags
These tags are especially important for companies that provide local services. For example, if you want to appear for the keyword “lawyers Lisbon” should include Geo Tags in your images with the GPS coordinates of the company’s headquarters.

Are in practice references your site on the web. The construction of citations is a strategy widely used for local businesses to create pages in places like the Yellow Pages or Yelp and increase the number of company’s quotes on the internet. These quotes should always include your NAP.

25. NAP
NAP or Name Address Phone means Name, Address, Telephone. These 3 data of your company must be submitted and published on the Internet all the same. Be the quote in the yellow pages or on Facebook.
I hope this post has been helpful, especially for those who are taking the first steps in the world of SEO. With our basic introduction to SEO and posts that we will share in the future will have a better idea of ??the meaning and relevance of all these terms in developing an SEO strategy.

As always, if you have any questions or observations you want to do not hesitate to leave your comment.


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