12 fantastic plugins and unknown to WordPress

Daily they are released plugins for WordPress in the international market that the vast majority of ordinary users have difficulty finding . Many users search for products in the official repository of WordPress, but end up not looking for plugins out of that repository. And it is precisely this kind of plugins that often offers bloggers and developers the opportunity to integrate fantastic solutions in their layouts , new features, styles , among others.

To help in the selection of professional plugins that can help leverage the faster your projects , we selected some plugins that have been successful in the professional market but that are probably unknown to most common users of the system , so you can analyze them and select those that meet your current needs . Check out these 12 fantastic plugins and what each one can add to their layouts.
1. Form Craft
12 fantastic plugins and unknown to WordPress - Form Craft
The Form Craft is a super advanced form creation plugin . With the Format Craft you may be able to develop different forms , from contact forms , media upload forms , purchase and sale of forms, forms with integration of Google Maps and YouTube , among many other options . The Form Craft works with AJAX to load content on the screen without the need to refresh the page.
2. Hashtag for WordPress
12 fantastic plugins and unknown to WordPress - Hashtag
As the name implies, this WordPress plugin allows you to create hashtags in your posts WordPress and correlate the content through hashtags . You can create links on hashtags and put information in these tags to provide an advanced level of functionality for those who read its contents .
3. Qube Admin
12 fantastic plugins and unknown to WordPress - Qube admin
The QubeAdmin is a WordPress admin interface that allows you to have a new style and to your needs in your blog content management panel. It uses unlimited colors , a truly care interface is ready for Retina displays , uses extensive options and fast load times . If you want to give a clean image to your WordPress , this plugin is simply a hand on the wheel.
4. Social Gallery
12 fantastic plugins and unknown to WordPress - Social Gallery
The Social Gallery Shortcodes , plugin allows you to embed images in their content through shortcodes , and present a social content in these images , including the possibility of its users to tan and tweet the images individually , favorite pictures , etc.
5. Advance iFrame Pro
12 fantastic plugins and unknown to WordPress - Advane iframe pro
This plugin allows you to create iFrames with personalized content , then you can put where it wants within the layout of your blog. You can set the size of the iFrames , modify the CSS styles , only display certain areas of the iFrame , relatives hide areas , among other features . It is a plugin for advanced WordPress users .
6. WooCommerce Product Enquiry
12 fantastic plugins and unknown to WordPress - WooCommerce
This plugin is an extension to the famous WooCommerce of WooThemes , which allows you to create a section of questions about the products of E- Commerce store. It is an extension for WooCommerce that adds to all products a tab to questions , which gives the user the opportunity to use a contact form to perform specific questions about a particular product in particular .
7. Mobile.Nav
12 fantastic plugins and unknown to WordPress - Mobile.Nav
The Mobile.Nav plugin gives you the opportunity to incorporate a mobile and responsive navigation to your WordPress . This plugin introduces a navigation menu on the mobile versions of your WordPress devices using a color scheme to his will , a left side of the positioning of the screen and multiple levels of content.
8. BuzzComi
The BuzzComi plugin is a plugin that allows you to create in minutes a page of “Coming Soon” for their new projects. It features a counter with weeks , days, hours , minutes and seconds , integration with social media an email subscription box , among other options that will leave your new users attentive to the news.
9. AdvancedPolls
12 fantastic and unknown to WordPress - AdvanedPolls
The Plugin Advanced Polls allows you to create professional and advanced polls in their WordPress layouts. It uses a reponsivo layout is integrated with Twitter , allows unlimited answers , multiple choices , 4 ways to present the results , Google charts and other advanced style options .
10. PaperGrid
12 fantastic plugins and unknown to WordPress -PaperGrid
This plugin allows you to create content grids . It is ideal to present their latest projects , your team , or other interesting content . It uses a responsive layout , a panel of intuitive options , allows the inclusion of unlimited content columns, Google Fonts , and even icons of social media.
11. AJAX Portfolio
12 fantastic plugins and unknown to WordPress - Ajax Protfolio
This plugin is used to create grids in AJAX to show your portfolio to its customers. This plugin uses a flexible speaker system, content charging super fast and light , filters for areas of interest, support slideshows , responsive layout , among other advanced options . It is an elegant and simplistic plugin, which aims to present your portfolio in an elegant and pragmatic manner .
12. Distinctive Testimonials
12 fantastic plugins and unknown to WordPress - Distinctive Testimonials
Who works with infoproducts knows the importance of having customer testimonials present in selling product pages . This plugin allows you to create a testimonials section quickly , either in carousel format , paginated , in columns or grids . The plugin allows users to submit their testimonies through the Front End includes widgets to put the witnesses wherever they want in your layout is responsive and extremely simple to use .


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