12 best tips to stand out on Instagram

No one doubts that the discovery of photography has revolutionized the world. In almost 200 years of history, it has changed the way people saw and knew everything around. Exerted influence on the arts, journalism, literature and communication as a whole.
But the twenty-first century is undoubtedly a milestone in photographic history. We have never been clicked and as “photographers” as today.
There is a tidal wave of images flooding social networks, is to give good day or to celebrate an historic event everyday, every minute update see thousands of photos coloring our timelines.
But how to use the power of an image, we know that often speaks a thousand words, for us to highlight this multitude of photos disseminated every minute of the day on the networks?
We know of some applications where we can show a little of our life, art or business. But one of them is what stands out when it comes to picture disclosure.
Yes, he even Instagram. In this post we will give some tips for you to stand out of the ordinary and make your posts a success.
Technical part
1. Who is not seen is not remembered:
You need to see if your account is with the right settings to be able to achieve its goal to stand out in the crowd. It is essential to check if your profile is public. Go to the menu “Edit your profile” and turn the “private photos” option. Thus you ensure that all people have access to everything you publish.
2.Quanto better visibility:
Connect your other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to your Instagram profile. This possibility is great to reach the largest possible number of people viewing your account.
Go to Menu “Preferences” and see “Sharing settings” if everything is correct.
Selective 3.Seja
So that your pictures have featured you must have a look more filter. Besides the quality of the pixels of the image, you should look for the quality of what is being photographed. People today have a more clinical look and often critical to being exposed.
If you want to classify your account as amazing, you have to take a more critical look even at the time to choose the time of your click.
Whatever, a beautiful landscape that formed the cloud or a nice dessert to eat with your eyes, your photo must have something extra and certainly the quality is one of those key points.
4. Use the right filters or do not use
Following the previous tip, the quality of photos depends on the correct handling your phone’s camera, as well as the filter applications. However great the quality of your smartphone camera, the artificial lighting flash in dark environments leaves compromised photo.
Always look for the maximum of natural light to your photos. When using filter pictured try not to let too artificial. Sometimes the picture the way you took is already perfect and no need filter to improve. So you can even use the #nofilter without fear of being happy.
5.Mostre that has content
Publish your photos always writing something that has relevance. If you need to specialize in what they like and want to show people who follow you.
Show is not only an image, but it has something interesting to say that can positively influence the cotiano them. Do not throw words out, crop each.
Whatever the subject try to be objective and clear in your comments. In many times less is more, and it is fashionable.
6. Do not make posts in vain
Social networks have peak times during the day. As the time of the traffic rush. So if you want many people to see your posts, choose these times to do them.
In general people are updated in the nets in the morning before you go or going to work between 7 am and 10 am and when they are coming back or to get home at night and looking to relax between1 9am and midnight.
Maintain a flow of views every day at these times can yield many tanned. Choose the right picture and ideal time that success will come to your account.
But do not overdo this flow. Many followed and repetitive publications may have the opposite effect to what you want. People can fail to follow your profile if you lose the hand in dosage posts.
They will sort out your profile as boring because of the hype and will just pass right by your pictures to the point where you leave for good.
7. #UseHashtags
After the Old Game, as was previously known or Sostenuto for those who like music, it has become more popularly called Hashtag all changed in our lives. Previously only seen on the phone keys, and did not even know what it was, this little symbol has gone from unknown to famous in the speed of a leathery.
The dashes most used social networks are prime time to sort out what audience you want to draw attention to your photo.
The Hashtag aims to highlight your profile according to your preferences and thus draw the attention of those who share the same interests as yours.
If you love dogs can use hashtags as #doglovers, #lovepuppies or #dogsofinstagram when posting beautiful photo of your puppy for example.
This is to any kind of interest, there will always be someone who shares something with you. But do not abuse their use. A poster with many hashtags becomes boring and even inconvenient and will likely alienate some tanned.
8. A two-way street
In the search for emphasis we can not ignore the other side of the coin. When we post something and we want people to like what they see and hopefully the tanned them, we must remember that the other side the goal is the same.
So when someone enjoy your photo, enter your profile and make some positive comment and also short some pictures of her. Use the ‘@’ in the comment to mention it. This is at least a polite way to behave in social networks and show that you are not selfish. This attitude will increase the number of views your profile and therefore some new likes arise.
9.Yes, you need to use
It is a fact that millions of Brazilians are connected to social networks. But we know that most of the public of these networks has the first or second language English. Of course it is not for you to leave our noble and too far-fetched Portuguese out of their posts, but it is very important to use some hashtags in the language of Queen Elizabeth and Michelle Obama. The scope of your posts can greatly increase and generate more likes.
10. Common Escape
People get tired of repetitive things very easily. And it is easy to identify when something is no longer fashionable or cool and has become boring and massante. The changes in the present day are incredibly fast. Be discerning and realize what is wrong at the same speed. Do not fall into this trap that could result in many unfollows.
Be original arouse the interest of followers. Turn your profile that people are waiting to see what will be published. Is no longer equal to all others. Show daily life in a way different from the others. Make that photo call attention to be unusual and original. sunny days are beautiful, but raindrops are also the sky and as beautiful as the sun’s rays. Bet less mirrors and food and more on feelings and gratitude for life.
11. Do not “burn the movie”
We are following the concept of the previous tip. Avoid getting repeated publishing and sequence photos. The picture content should also be well selected. There is a limit that does not have a rule, but common sense tells that time. Nothing is good exaggeration. Or 8 or 80. Find the middle ground, believe it exists.
We know how annoying look our feed and find that a specific person’s diet and only publishes photo of food and detox juices.
Or another only makes photos in the gym mirror. Maintaining Health day is wonderful. Healthy eating is the main pillar of a quality life. But getting all the time publishing photo of what will eat is not interesting for many followers.
Working out is great, but it can seem exhibitionism and that is a negative image that you have to avoid. The Selfies with or without pouting, fall is also here in this tip. If you feel beautiful and have high self-esteem is very positive, but when it is too becomes very boring.
12. ostentation little is silly
Take a good look if the photo will not show a bad side of this kind of click. If you travel somewhere and want to share with others all right, it’s pretty cool.
But show it in a simple way not to look like you are belittling people. Landscape photos are beautiful no doubt, but always make the publications writing something useful about the place being visited.
A nice hostel with good service, a restaurant worth visiting when they go to the site, for example.
Another tip here is to mark the location geographically. For someone who has visited or want to visit the city or country, you can enjoy its publication because of that. Using the hashtags that time is also appropriate. See what is the most appropriate and do not be afraid to use.
We hope that with our tips you have understood how to stand out on Instagram. Reach the desired success in your profile is simple and straightforward.
Have a friendlier look at the unusual and make interesting everyday. Use filter in moderation and be daring to be different. If you have any tips leave your comment. It will be a pleasure to share ideas with you.
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